Welcome to GroomTown

Welcome to GroomTown, North Andover’s home for full-service pet grooming and styling. All dogs require grooming, and visual inspection can only tell you so much about the condition of your pet’s coat. GroomTown, conveniently located in North Andover, offers a range of services as well as the personal expertise to tell you what is best for your pet. GroomTown’s services include: nail clipping, bathing, and other creative grooming services to suit clients’ needs and preferences. At GroomTown, our highly trained pet stylists are passionate about what they do and how they do it. Established in 2007, GroomTown represents decades of experience in the grooming industry.

The truth is, the health of a pet is about more than just his or her fur; good canine and feline hygiene includes optimal skin, ear, paw, and teeth conditions. We all want the best for our pets. Regular grooming for your dog or cat is essential to keep your furry friends feeling healthy, happy, and clean.

Mission Statement: “To serve my customers and their pets by providing a broad range of pet grooming services and products.”