GroomTown provides a full suite of grooming services for dogs and cats. In addition to routine maintenance of your pets’ hygiene, GroomTown is experienced at cosmetic styling of your pets’ coats. But GroomTown doesn’t just serve dogs and cats; clients throughout the Greater Boston Area bring their ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds to GroomTown for the staff’s unique training and special expertise. Regular grooming will not only help keep a pet’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, distributing natural oils, and preventing knots; it is also a great way to keep his or her skin clean and irritant-free. Grooming also provides an opportunity to check for fleas and ticks.

Routine Grooming includes:

  • Blueberry Facial Scrub by SPA Lavish
  • Bows or Bandana
  • Cologne
  • Nail Trim
  • Haircut or Trim
  • Blow Dry
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Premium Shampoo

Prices for all services are based on $70 an hour.

Haircut Package

Includes Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned (Plucked if needed), Sanitary Trim, Shampoo, Blow Dry, AKC specific breed haircut unless otherwise specified, Cologne, bows or a bandana.

Bath and Tidy Package

Includes everything in the “Haircut Package” except your pet will not get a haircut but instead a “Tidy”. A “Tidy” consists of trimming the feet and face only. This package is for haircut dogs that just need a neaten up, Golden Retrievers or Border Collies type coats.

Fluff and Buff

Includes everything in the “Haircut Package” except your pet will not get a haircut. This package is for Labrador Retrievers, Hounds, Pugs, German Shepherds and other short hair breeds.

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret Grooming Packages

Includes Bath, Blow Dry, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned and Cologne.

Bird Grooming Package

Includes Nails and Wings Trimmed. We do not trim beaks.

Walk in

Nail Trims
Nail Grinding
Ear Cleaning

Grooming Add-Ons

Medicated Shampoo
Teeth Brushing
Nail Grinding
Anal Glands
Deflea Treatment
Remoisturizing Treatment
Coat Coloring
Deshed Treatment

We can no longer accommodate XL breeds ex. Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Chow Chow, Great Pyrenees, Samoyed, Alaskan Malamutes etc. Thank you for understanding!